Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Perfect Thai Wedding Dress for the Modern Bride

Over the past few years, Thailand weddings have become increasingly popular. The warmth and the tropical ambience of Thailand make it a favorite of couples who dream of a beach wedding.  Weddings in Thailand are of two types---a Western style wedding, or what non-Buddhists refer to as a conventional wedding ceremony, and a traditional Thailand wedding. The perfect Thai wedding dress will mostly depend on the kind of ceremony you want to have. If you are on the stage of looking for wedding dresses, here are some reminders that may ease your search.

1.    Let your personality shine.

The best Thai wedding gown is one that allows you to be at your best. It has to be a style that appeals most to you and reflects your qualities as a lady. If you are the romantic type, a sweetheart cut may be most preferable. If you are the conservative type, a full length vintage gown with slim sleeves may work best for you. Don’t follow trends, follow your own tastes.

2.    Do lots of fitting.

Finding the perfect wedding dress is easier if you try several styles. Whether you are looking for an ivory wedding dress, a casual maxi floral dress, or a Thai traditional dress, it is highly recommended that you try as many styles as you can. This way if you have something tailor made, you can easily communicate what you like.

3.    Fish for bargains.

There are lots of bargain wedding dresses in thrift shops. You can also opt to wear off the rack if you are on a budget. As long as you are picky with the fabric, stick to flattering cuts, and know what styles look best on you, you should be fine. You don’t have to wear a designer gown when you can find a cheaper, very similar dress. Modern brides are practical brides.

4.    Maybe you don’t wear white.

White is the most popular color for a wedding dress but if you are having a beach wedding, you have the perfect excuse to wear some color. Some modern day brides wear floral patterned summer dresses, some wear red, and others wear lilac. Take your pick. There is no rule that all brides have to wear white. You can even choose a traditional Thai wedding dress and get a feel of the local culture. Traditional dresses are rich in fabric, have intricate details, and will make you look like a royal exotic bride. Your guests will truly love the idea.

5.    Ditch the heels.

For beach weddings, you can get married barefoot or have nicely adorned slippers made. Wear lots of jewels on your feet and splurge on a pedicure instead of buying high heeled wedding shoes you won’t want to wear while parting at the shore.

A Thai wedding dress can be anything as long as the bride is happy with it. Prioritize comfort and choose the fabrics that are airy and lightweight. If you need more information about Koh samui wedding venues, make sure you check my website.

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